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What to Consider When Implementing Saas Application Portfolio Assessment.

With the Saas approach, the applications are delivered on the internet in form of a service and one does not have to worry about maintaining and installing the software. There are several things that you need to consider if you are looking to implement the program. The various things that one needs to consider when implementing the program are briefly highlighted below.

Ensure that you understand what the business requirements are before you start to design the application. In order to get best results, it is important to ensure that you are able to set the goals as well as the characteristics of the system early enough. When planning, make sure that you determine how the application will be run, know the various users who will use the system as well as how you want the application to respond to various issues.

Ensure that the team who will be assigned with the task are also familiar with the technology as well as the application. It is important to have a team that understand saas in an in-depth level and who have expertise in multiple technologies. Make sure that the team you hire are familiar with the best practices followed by the industry since this will ensure that you do not end up in any problems.

It is important to ensure that you plan for a disaster recovery program for the application when it is ready to be used in the Saas platform. Having disaster recovery helps you ensure that you have some form of continuity with the system. When designing a disaster recovery program, it is important to know how soon you can be able to bring back an application with a limited time frame.

A monitoring solution is something that you should consider since it will ensure that you have a timely intervention. Having a monitoring system ensures that you do not have to deal with disasters as well. Various parameters that need to be monitored include event logs, memory usage as well as the various application of the components.

Set up a support call centre when you have the system up and running. A ticketing system is something that you need to ensure you have when you are setting up the system. Ensure that the ticketing system is also email enabled so that it can send emails to the relevant team members that can provide assistance.

When implementing the saas model, make sure that you have a service level agreement in place. Response and turnaround times are some of the things that the agreement should highlight. Application availability is something else that needs to be clearly defined when you are using the system. The availability of the application is something else that needs to be clearly defined when dealing with the system.

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