Reasons to Use a Frame Shop Rather Than Generic Frames

Any artwork should be framed before it goes on the wall. This applies to an impressive art piece in a collection as well as a special print from a loved one. This will protect the painting, print or photograph from damage while adding to the overall appearance of the display. While there are frames available for purchase in the store, there are several reasons to go with a Frame Shop instead.

One of a Kind Display

When opting for custom framing, there are options and creative ways to control the materials used to make the piece unique. Whether the desire is to add detailed wood framing or apply vibrant metal painted framing materials, the design can be completely unique. This applies to the matting as well. Even if the print is something that is mass-produced, a custom frame will ensure that the display is one of a kind once complete.

Customer Experience

If the artwork has some type of sentimental value, adding a touch to it will build a stronger connection to the piece. While a professional will be responsible for framing the piece, they will also explain why they applied certain techniques to the project. Having input in the process will serve as an interesting anecdote when others see the display later.

Protecting the Piece

Professionals in custom picture framing know the tricks and have the tools to extend the lifespan of the print. When framing a piece, they will use acid-free materials to protect the paint, dyes, paper, and canvass from warping, yellowing, fading or corroding. This means that there will be no need to worry about light or varying degrees in temperature damaging the piece. There are also types of glass that will help reduce any glares and make the print easier to enjoy from all angles.

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