Tips to Get Rid of an Old Mattress

The majority of mattress companies will remove the old mattress when a new one is bought. However, if a person orders one online, then their mattress will be delivered in the mail. As a result, it means that the mattress owner is left to find a way to dispose of the old one. While many people opt to send their old mattress to the dump, this isn’t the best idea. After all, this is extremely damaging to the environment. Unlike other items, mattresses won’t break down. This means they are going to sit around forever, adding to the waste problem the world currently faces.

The question is, how to deal with an old mattress? There are a few options to consider. Read more to find out what they are.

Recycle the Old Mattress

Once a person has purchased a new mattress, they have the option to recycle their old one. There are certain places that will accept these mattresses. These types of locations will be able to reuse approximately 90 percent of the materials (wood, foam, cotton, cloth, etc.) that makes up the mattress and the box spring.

Give the Old Mattress to Charity

Another option to get rid of an old mattress to give it to charity. There are several places, both charities and homeless shelters, that always have a need for a gently used mattress. Keep in mind, there are a few conditions to the mattress being accepted. For example, it can’t be infested with bed bugs. These reproduce very quickly and can lead to serious infestations. The can cause physical bites and even respiratory issues for some. As a result, if a person plans to give their mattress away, they need to ensure there are no issues with bugs. Stains are also undesirable, so keep this in mind.

When a person purchases a new mattress, there’s no question it can help to improve their health and well-being. More information about getting rid of an old mattress can be found by taking the time to read this post here. Being informed is the best way to ensure an old mattress is disposed of properly.